TransContainer will provide a container ship for transporting goods between St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad

In August, TransContainer acquired 58.51% of SASCO shares

TransContainer is ready to deploy a container ship for the transport of goods from St. Petersburg to the Kaliningrad region, said Felix Lapin, President of the Kaliningrad Chambers of Commerce, in his interview available on the Baltic Plus radio YouTube channel .

According to Felix Lapin, large transport companies are eager to come to the Kaliningrad region. “I can name TransContainer. It’s the big company to show up with a presentation and, most importantly and crucially for us, it has its own rolling stock and a network of terminals across the country. According to the presentation of the head of the North-West subdivision, in addition to standard services – wagons, platforms, automobiles and containers – the company is ready to offer a container ship to provide a connection between St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad region “, did he declare. said.

Félix Lapin also spoke of the North-Western Shipping Company’s desire to provide more ships for the line.

In August 2022, PJSC TransContainer obtained 58.51% stake from Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO). In September, Sergey Shishkarev, Chairman of the Delo Group Boards of Directors, announced the Delo Group’s intention to develop and approve a SASCO fleet renewal and expansion program to achieve the potential for foreign trade and coastal container transport. According to him, the company’s resources will be focused on creating a multimodal operator with its own fully-fledged maritime component. In particular, the capabilities and experience of the company will help build efficient logistics on the Northern Sea Route. The shipping company’s fleet currently has 13 ice-class seagoing vessels.

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