Transport services launch plan to imagine and implement a new future of mobility


The ultimate goal of the plan is to make it easier to get around campus.

Sam Craft / Texas A&M Marketing and Communications Division

Texas A&M University Transportation Services has launched a Transportation Mobility Master Plan with the goal of better aligning mobility programs and infrastructure with the needs of our unique community, now and in the future.

“We are excited to embark on this project to engage the campus community to learn from its members how they enjoy getting around on campus, the places they find difficult to cross and their hopes for future mobility options and opportunities. infrastructure, ”said Peter Lange, partner vice president of transportation services.

The project will advance the work of the 2017 Campus Master Plan and the 2018 Sustainability Master Plan and Transformational Mobility Plan of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

“We have made progress in implementing the strategies recommended in the 2017 campus master plan, such as widening sidewalks, adding multi-use and cycle paths, and creating more green spaces and hubs. activities, ”said Lilia Gonzales, university architect. “I am pleased that Transportation Services is embarking on this project to advance mobility improvements. Ultimately, this will make it easier to travel from where people park or get off the bus to their homes, classrooms, offices, or other destinations. “

Community members can learn more about the project and provide feedback on travel options to and from and around campus at Aggies on the Move Transportation Mobility Master Plan Digital Hub. The portal offers a variety of ways to participate in the project, including quick polls, a discussion forum, and more.


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