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New UCORE class will teach students about diversity, equity, inclusion

WSU Transportation Services shared complaints about bus routes and a new pilot program at an ASWSU Senate meeting Wednesday evening.

Transportation services have received complaints about the limited number of drop-off and pick-up locations from “apartment lots,” said Chris Boyan, acting director of transportation services.

The apartment bus line is part of a pilot program that started this year. This allows buses to pick up passengers more frequently at off-campus stops and leave fewer students behind, he said.

The department has several committees, including the Transit Advisory Group, that work with the university to help resolve transportation issues, Boyan said.

Ella Kisor, Director of Academic Affairs at ASWSU, spoke to the Senate about the new UCORE classes discussed previously and intended to teach students about diversity, equity and inclusion.

The academic affairs committee will vote on course implementation at its next meeting, Kisor said.

The university discussed reducing UCORE credits needed for other requirements to make room for diversity, equity and inclusion courses.

ASWSU Security Director Nuthaphol “Cody” Ongpituk said he recently walked the campus at night and noted several areas, including B Street, that need more light. or new crosswalks.

The Pullman area has lost about 75 employees who help clear the roads and keep driving conditions safe due to COVID-19 employment restrictions, he said.

Ongpituk said he is working to find ways to keep the roads safe and passable as the holidays approach.

ASWSU Director of Inclusion, Diversity and Veterans Affairs Jenna Fitzgerald spoke to the Senate on upcoming events.

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan is hosting a conference for high school students seeking higher education called Children of Aztlan Sharing Higher Education. CASHE is scheduled for November 12-14, she said.

Fitzgerald said she was focusing on preparing for the annual multicultural student banquet and considering fundraising.


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