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New license plate recognition system replaced toll booths in two WSU car parks


The toll booths have been replaced with a license plate recognition system in the parking lots of the Terrell Library and the Smith Center. Customers will now enter their license plate number at an ATM after parking their vehicles instead of paying a cashier when exiting parking lots.

WSU Transportation Services implemented license plate recognition technology to replace traditional toll booths for the parking garages at Terrell Library and Smith Center.

Chris Boyan, associate director of transportation services, said that instead of paying a cashier when leaving garages, customers can now enter their license plate numbers at an ATM after parking.

People can also buy parking vouchers online at before showing up to the parking lot.

Boyan said the use of license plate recognition technology is part of an approach to eliminate the need for physical permits.

Annual parking permits can now be purchased online and recorded on a vehicle’s license plate number.

Boyan said the reason for virtual permits is to increase the use of technology and improve customer service.

He said customer feedback after this policy change was positive as it reduced queues and wait times at the transportation services office.

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