What is the Department of Transportation Engineering, what does a graduate do and what are the employment opportunities?


what is the transportation engineering department a graduate does and what are the job opportunities

Transport engineering is a department that deals with the planning, design and maintenance of transport systems at regional and local levels.

What is the Department of Transportation Engineering?

Department of Transportation Engineering; It is an academic discipline that creates various studies with means of transport such as road, rail, water and air in order to provide safe, fast, comfortable and economical transport and is in communication with others branches of engineering. Transportation Engineering is provided as a 4-year undergraduate training at the Faculty of Engineering. The students who will choose the department are those who will choose the type of numerical score.

Transportation engineering is required to fulfill the applications required for the planning, design and maintenance of all transportation systems at local and regional level. Transport engineers, people and loads to be transported; He is responsible for ensuring that it travels safely, economically and at the times that need to be transported. At the same time, they can participate in the application of all the details required in the new private and public transport projects which can apply the technology requirements to the transport.

Its work includes strengthening bridges, tunnels and other structures that will withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Transport engineering continues its tasks in conjunction with the other branches of engineering. Those; are similar disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace and marine engineering. The students who will choose the department should have certain characteristics. This is one of the important characteristics that will add value to their profession, such as being interested in digital courses, being disciplined, researching and following technology closely, and working in harmony in group work.

What are the job opportunities and opportunities of the Transportation Engineering Department?

Transportation continues to offer innovations with the development of technology. This increases the need for skilled and knowledgeable engineers who will add value to the transportation infrastructure. Transportation engineers have employment opportunities in many fields in the public and private sectors.

In order for the graduates of the Department of Transportation Engineering to be employed in the state institutions from the said vacancies, the score that applicants will achieve in the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) has a defining characteristic .

The public institutions where transport engineering graduates can work are as follows;

  • General Directorate of the State Airport Authority
  • Ministry of transportation,
  • National railways,
  • Special provincial administrations,
  • General Directorate of Roads,
  • Municipalities

Private institutions where transport engineering graduates can work;

  • Road design and inspection companies
  • Metro and rail system companies,
  • They can work in transport maintenance companies and many private companies with similar characteristics.

Where can he find a job and work?

Today there is a need for transportation engineers in many places. There are many alternatives available to a student graduating from a transportation engineering department.

It is possible to list the places where transport engineers can find and work in our country as follows;

  • Governance,
  • General Directorate of Roads,
  • State Railways,
  • special provincial administrations,
  • Ministries,
  • Municipalities,
  • In various institutions such as the General Directorate of State Airports

In the private sector where transport engineers can work, there are job opportunities in various private companies and companies that perform construction, maintenance, repair design and control work related to transport.

What Do Transportation Engineering Graduates Do?

Transportation engineering graduates are responsible for eliminating problems occurring in transportation infrastructure by producing new solutions and adapting the infrastructure to new technology. The planning, implementation and monitoring of innovations in transport are part of its main missions. The arrangements and follow-ups necessary for the transport of passengers and goods are the responsibility of the transport engineers.

What are the courses in the Department of Transportation Engineering?

Applicants who wish to choose the Department of Transportation Engineering first start by researching the courses they will come across in their working life. The courses they will take during their training offer all the necessary opportunities to become successful engineers in their profession.

Students who graduate by fulfilling the requirements of the department are entitled to the title of Transport Engineer. The department provides for a compulsory 40-day internship which will allow them to gain experience for their professional life. Thanks to the courses they take in their educational life of 8 semesters and in addition to this, the compulsory internship, students graduate with knowledge and experience about their future profession. The basic lessons that applicants who wish to study in the Department of Transportation Engineering and which will certainly include this section in their preference lists are as follows.

  • Technical English,
  • Basic information technologies,
  • Research techniques,
  • Differential equations,
  • Topography,
  • Material information,
  • Numerical analysis,
  • Geographic information systems,
  • Cadastral information,
  • Environmental impact and transport,
  • Principles of urban design and zoning,
  • Construction materials,
  • Road networks,
  • Transport and traffic management,
  • Soil mechanics and geotechnics,
  • Intelligent transport techniques,
  • Optimization techniques,
  • Photogrammetry,
  • Transport planning and modeling,
  • Transport economics

What type of score does transportation engineering admit students?

One of the most curious topics for students wishing to study in the Department of Transportation Engineering is the question of what type of Transportation Engineering score to enroll students. The answer to this question is; The type of score the transportation engineering student gets is numeric.

Which universities have a transport engineering department?

  • Karabuk University (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Yalova University (Faculty of Engineering)


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